Jeep CJ7 1982

1982 Jeep Wrangler CJ7 project playlist Videos here:

I wanted to rebuild this Jeep my way, not going off others ideas or a full frame off rebuild, so with a plasma cutter and mig welder I start my journey.

Picked up this 82 Jeep Wrangler CJ7 project. She is pretty rusty but the frame is in decent shape, worthy of a quick rebuild, not full off frame resto, but new diamond plate floors, body panels and paint should be good. Runs great mechanically, needs brake work and calipers, probably U-joints of course.

This 82 CJ7 Wrangler came with the AMC 258ci inline 6 with 115hp @ 3200 rpm and 210 ftlb tq at 1800 rpm. with a GM TH400 (turbo 400) 3 speed automatic transmission, a Dana 300 transfer case, Dana 30 front axle,AMC 20 rear axle and the factory Hardtop.

I am undecided on whether I should remove the plow setup and sell it. I have 3 other vehicles with plows. I can probably get a few bucks for it to put into the Jeep.

Jeep Wrangler CJ7 info and specs (click dropdown)

Fun information:

-The CJ7 weighs 2,707 lbs

-Length: 148” Width:68.5” Height:67.7

-CJ7 is 10” longer than the CJ5, they did this for better driveline options

-82 is the first year with the wider axles.

-81 was the last year of the V8 option.

-CJ7 was the first Wranglers to have factory Hard Top and doors available from factory.

-76 CJ marked the first of the boxed framed Wrangler.

-CJ7 had a Laredo and Jamboree package available.

-All CJ7's use a Dana 30 front axle.

-Most CJ7's have the AMC 20 rear axle, but some have the Dana 44

Helpful Jeep Vin decoder for 1981-1986 CJ's

1 , Country: = USA

2, Make: = Jeep

3, Type: = C = MPV E = Export LHD F = Export RHD

4, Engine: = B = 151ci; L = 232ci; C = 258ci; H = 304ci F = Diesel

5, Transmission: = B = Auto, Floor; A = Auto, Column; M = 4 speed; N = 5 speed

6&7, Model: = 85 = CJ-5; 86 = CJ-6; 87 = CJ-7

8, GVW: = A = 3,750 lbs; E = 4,150 lbs

9, Check number #

10, Year: = B = 1981; C = 1982; D = 1983; E = 1984; F = 1985; G = 1986

11, Plant: = T = Toledo

12-17, Unique Serial number

Links to products I used in my rebuild project CJ7.

For the best prices on Jeep CJ7 parts, click the links below!

Maxpeedingrod CJ 6 cyl replacement carb, non ecu

Fitting for aftermarket Carb

Spectre Performance SPE-4790 (4790) 4" x 2" Air Cleaner

YI wifi DashCam

Rear quarter and corner guard

Windshield frame with windshield and seal

Windshield cowl seal

Windshield frame torx bolts

LT33X12.50R15 ROAD WARRIOR MT RADIAL 108 Q Mud Terrain

Omix-ADA 17401.21 Black Aluminum Valve Cover Kit 4.2L for 81-86

Omix-Ada 19105.05 Wiper Linkage Kit

Rugged Ridge 11601.01 Factory Style Fender Flare Set

YI wifi DashCam